Semesterticket refund: Instructions

This is the instructions for our refund request. Please read them carefully before applying.

  1. Check if you are eligible to apply for the program
    You can find more information about our 8 application reasons on our FAQ page.
  2. Register to disable your semester ticket on our refund page via online form
    With the registration you give us the order to block your semester ticket. After we have disabeld your semester ticket, you can have it removed at any semester ticket printer. You must have the semester ticket removed from your student ID for the application.
  3. Waiting for our release
    We will email your THM email as soon as we have disabled your ticket on your student ID. This may take a few weeks.
  4. Remove your semester ticket at a semester ticket printer
    You can use semester ticket printers (update terminals) at all THM locations for this purpose.
  5. Log in to the refund website and submit your claim completely with all supporting documents
    We are unable to process incomplete applications, mailed applications, or applications received after the application deadline due to the amount of work involved. Therefore, we will reject them without triage.

We do not review all applications until the application deadline. A disabled semester ticket is not a promise that your application will be approved. You will receive your money a few weeks after the end of the application period, when all applications have been processed. Please refrain from asking questions about the application status, we are very busy at this time. The more queries we receive, the less we can devote to the applications.

You will receive feedback from us if your application has been rejected or approved. If your application has been rejected, we will enable your Semesterticket after the rejection.