University funding is in danger. The state government is trying to cut university funding like never before. This is to happen to such an extent that teaching at universities would no longer be guaranteed. It would mean the end of good supervision, numerous tutorials and competent teachers from the field. The end of everything that makes THM a good university. Sign the petition on

What exactly is it about?

Due to ever decreasing student numbers, the universities are already in a poor financial position, as the state uses student numbers as a measure for their funding. This is regulated in the Higher Education Pact. Now this poor, but nevertheless existing, basis is also to be terminated. The current state government says that this can no longer be financed. According to calculations by the state student conference, there is a risk that 1,600 people at universities in Hesse could be dismissed/not extended.

Why is THM suffering in particular?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The THM is not a university, but a university of applied sciences (HAW).
    The HAW always receive significantly less money from the state than the universities. For this reason, the THM is already at a structural disadvantage.
  2. THM is a technical university and mainly offers STEM subjects. These are more complex and expensive than book sciences due to the laboratories. In addition, interest in STEM subjects has dropped immensely after the pandemic. This is clearly reflected in the student numbers. These are a decisive factor in the calculation of state funds.

Why does this concern me?

The following could happen very soon:

  • Teachers no longer reply to emails because they have to do more teaching
  • Laboratory equipment is poor = other equipment has long been used in industry
  • Fewer practicals and exercises, but only frontal lectures
  • Even fewer licenses for (specialist) software
  • Restricted opening hours of the library
  • Fewer books and eBooks
  • No more external offers (university sports, excursions)

The bottom line: less good teaching and supporting infrastructure.

What are we asking for?

  • No termination of the current Higher Education Pact
  • No reduction in funding for universities and additional
    • an adjustment for inflation
    • an adjustment to the tariff increase

What can I do?

Sign our petition. We are not normally in favor of petitions, but there is no other way. The country no longer listens to the voices from the universities. So we have to show that we are also the voters.

Log in with your THM account and just click on “Sign petition now”. Your vote will be counted. We want to use the login to ensure that no one outside THM signs or signs twice. However, your signature is anonymous!

You can find this entire petition at