Almost two weeks ago the AStA of the THM was on the river Lahn.

Not only did we get to know the Giessen area from a different perspective, but we also strengthened our sense of community. Because during the tour, the speakers from both locations were on the road together.
On the selected tour, we went through all three boat lanes at Giessen, then paddled leisurely for quite a while, and had one more lock to go at the end. But even that did not pose a problem for us. After almost 11 km and about 3 hours of driving we left the Lahn and stopped at a barbecue hut. There we ended the evening together.
Despite the cool weather and cloudy skies, we didn’t get wet (at least from above) and had optimal conditions.
Here we have brought a few insights for you. Maybe one or the other has already been on the Lahn. We definitely had a lot of fun and recommend you all to change your perspective and explore the Lahn by canoe.

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