Dear Students,
we are looking for reinforcement for the AStA. We are looking for the following people:


  • you are still studying at least 2 semesters at the THM
  • you want to stand up for your fellow students
  • work independently, without someone having to motivate you all the time
  • you want to implement your own projects for the students
  • you also like to help at AStA events in Friedberg or Gießen (depending on the place of study)


  • are about 40 students and meet once a month all together in the AStA meeting
  • want to implement cool ideas by and for students (water dispenser, Corona free trial, open-air swimming pool flat, semester ticket, Nextbike, clothes swap party, first-year city rally, pub crawls, summer festivals, parties)
  • have workrooms at the campus Gießen and Friedberg, which you can use for your work here (with drinks & snacks)
  • offer a small expense allowance per month
  • have a permanent contact person on the board for each unit to quickly clarify queries or provide assistance


We are looking for support for the following units:

  • STEP & Freshmen
  • Giessen event
  • Equality & political education
  • IT support Friedberg
  • IT
  • BAföG & Social Affairs
    You can find information about the tasks of the departments under The AStA.

Send us the following info via email to the secretariat(

  • short introduction of you: What are you studying? Why? What are you interested in?
  • approx. one paragraph: Why do you want to work in the AStA? What motivates you?
  • about one paragraph: What projects do you want to implement in the unit?

We will then contact you and, if necessary, arrange a short meeting for an introduction.