Here you can find all important information about the election of the StuPa and the student councils of the THM. Information on the election of the Senate, Department Councils, and the Auxiliary Council can be found here.

Dates and deadlines can be found in the election calendar, where you will also find the relevant contacts where you must submit the lists, or to whom you can submit objections or complaints.

Like the election proposals for the election of the Senate and the FBR, election proposals are also submitted via the university’s election management at

Announcements and resolutions:

The annexes to the 4th protocol are only available to university members. The entire protocol is available in the StuPa’s Moodle course:

4th protocol with attachments

There are 20.11. No objections to the decision of the election committee were received. The meeting therefore did not take place.

Election proposals

Presentation of the lists:

Forms and lists:

In order to submit an election proposal, the election proposal list must be completed.
If, for various reasons, a personal signature on the list is not possible, it can be replaced by the consent form. The person must still be listed with position on the list.

If you have any further questions, simply contact the election committee at[at] asta