Hello dear students,
As you have seen in our short info mail and in the press, there was a possibility that we could
conclude a new contract with RMV for the summer semester. For us as
students, to which we have repeatedly drawn the attention of RMV as the first point of contact.
have pointed out. No adjustment was made by RMV in any way. Consequently, we can
due to the following disadvantages of the introduction of the ticket for the summer semester

  1. We cannot let our old contract rest. Should the policy no longer be
    If we were to agree on the financing of the Deutschlandticket, this might ultimately have the following consequences
    This means that we are left without a semester ticket. This would be a “historic moment” for the
    students in Hesse.
  2. A significant increase in the price of the ticket cannot be ruled out, as the contract is always subject to change.
    refers to 60% of the current price of the Deutschlandticket.
    In times of high inflation, there is in any case a very high additional financial burden on the
    Students. For this reason, a contract that involves significant additional costs should be
    not taken lightly within a few weeks, but rather more carefully considered
  3. The current upgrade to the semester ticket is only available for the price of 49 euros. A
    Upgrade for the student price of 29.40 euros was expressly rejected by RMV. Additionally fits
    the RMV is aligning the option to cancel the upgrade with that of the Deutschlandticket. This
    means that termination is only possible up to the 10th of the month. Should one
    for example, book the upgrade after the 1 0th, you would be forced to wait two months for the
    difference to 49 euros.
  4. RMV plans to completely discontinue the upgrade option from the winter semester 24/25. The
    Students will then all receive either the Deutschlandticket or the
    Hessen ticket.
  5. In previous contracts, there was a special provision that the semester ticket for Hesse was valid for one month.
    can be used before the start of the semester. This would no longer be the case with the new model, whereby
    students now have to pay for their own travel to view apartments and university activities.
    would have to pay out of pocket. In addition, a seamless change of semester must be possible at the change of semester.
    semester ticket.

In addition, the technical implementation of RMV presents us with legal hurdles. With the new contract
RMV demands the extensive disclosure of personal data of all students who, according to our
view is not compatible with data protection. For this extensive data access, it may be necessary to
A declaration of consent must be obtained at the time of each enrollment.

Finally, the new contract would eliminate the most frequently used reason for reimbursement
will no longer apply. We must not offer the Deutschlandticket on the basis of an existing state ticket for Hesse
refund. This would mean that students would have a double ticket.

On the whole, we are very dissatisfied with all the options and find it a great pity that the
RMV does not come one step closer to us. For further information or reasons for the
RMV’s decisions or would like to express criticism, you are welcome to do so directly at the following e-mail address
Unload the address semesterticket@rmv.de at the RMV.

Our next steps are now to continue talks with RMV and try to
negotiate a satisfactory contract for the students. In parallel, we are currently collecting
as much information as possible about the need for the Deutschlandticket at THM, in particular
through the student survey and the upgrades to the Deutschlandticket sold to date. On
At the end, the student parliament will have to make a decision on a new contract.